Simple authentication of B2B payments and unpaid invoices.

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...was established as a possible prevention against insolvency of entrepreneurs to protect their expenditures and time against bad payers who have "forgotten" to pay for their ordered services/goods. Currently in the system:


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Do you have any non-paying clients?

Anyone can have a temporary problem with overcoming a lack of cash flow in the company. However, ordering of services/goods from a "colleague" entrepreneur, knowing that there isn't sufficient cash flow in the company, causes a chain reaction of insolvency. The accumulation of debts can cause us many problems.

Entrepreneur is not a bank

Ordering parties can't in this way create a kind of "credit line" by not paying their invoices, not solving the problem.

Fair treatment and B2B relationships

It is always necessary to maintain good relationships for the sake of the future, and agree on minimum instalments, in case of temporary insolvency.

Benefits and protection

Adding a debtor to the project "" you draw attention to insolvency of a company, which is unable to meet its financial obligations at the moment. Nevertheless, a company, which is otherwise solid may suffer, because of its own debtors and is not able to continue to pay invoices. That is why we try to distinguish among such cases when inputting unpaid invoices.

Right to a second chance

We do not disclose profiles of debtors on social networks, no SEO indexation, which remain on the web months after the debtor has paid the invoice.

Privacy and agreement

The debtor will receive a reminder by e-mail to which he/she can respond. The list of debtors is not freely accessible. In order to find it, company ID needs to be provided.


Debtor rating

Paradoxically, every business can have a problem with cash flow. However, it makes a difference, if someone retracts and abuses the trust of a business partner or informs suppliers and comes up with a solution.

Protection of information

We do not provide information you entered to debt collectors and lawyers. The project protects B2B relationships.

How does it work?

Sign in to project "UNPAID.SUPPORT" and add your debtors. Easy management of unpaid invoices, debtors, up to date summary overviews.

What information can you publish?

If a claim is well-founded, the creditor may disclose a legal entity without fear of legal consequences or breach of privacy.

What invoices can you publish?

We encourage disclosing invoices as soon as possible after the due date, if they were not disputed, for example, by filing a complaint or termination of an order prior to the delivery.

What is B2B? "Business to Business"

They are the business relationships between two or more companies for their needs. Let's keep correct relations and pay for what we ordered!